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Whatever the size, shape and theme wished, we own all the material and expertise to answer your request.

Our expertise’s evoluted over the years and we’ve had the opportunity to become more efficient and meet the new standards of the profession.

How to create Ice ?

A liquide refrigerant consisted of 20% non-toxic Aerogem MPG and 80% water is sucked and cooled up to -20 ° by a cooling unit that sends it back and diffuses it inside a glacier mat put on the surface to freeze. In contact with the pipes of this mat, water freezes.

We have designed an ice-making system which saves installation time and whose reliability is guaranteed in the connection system of the leak-proof aluminum pipes. Thanks to our manufacturing workshop, we are able to adapt these mats to the desired length. These pipes are pre-assembled and tested in our plant to allow a fast and flawless installation.


The choice of the cooling unit is made from 3 criteria:

  • The size of your rink
  • Your electric power
  • Average temperatures at this time

There is no point in over-sizing units in comparaison to the surface of the rink. We avoid these problems by studying the project upstream.

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