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Lighting and decoration

An ice rink must be lit. White light is strongly recommended. Decorative lighting can be added on the rink like a gobo with your logo or colored lighting to bring a festive atmosphere. An ice rink decorated with some natural and snow-covered pines is already a decoration. You can also choose to create a real ephemeral village around this rink with an original theme. Whatever the decoration desired, Evénement Sud imagines it, manufactures and supplies it.

Sound system

An ice rink must be animated. A sound system is essential for retransmitting information on the ice, recall the time of release, set the mood and broadcast music. We offer sound kits including a recent material consisting of : 1 Analog Console, 1 CD player auto pause MP3 / USB, 1 HF Microphone + 1 Wired Microphone, 2 speakers with hooks, Wiring Kit

Animation and management

We have the opportunity to make your event even more festive and magical with complementary activities (logistics, supply and monitoring). Ice show for an inauguration or a night. The most recognized skating stars will come to perform in front of your public. Representation of hockey, curling or figure skating ..., Children's car circuit. We are turning the rink into an ice circuit for kart or quad for kids, Curling : Supplies of experienced staff for the initiation, setting up of the track, supplies of accessories. For the management of your rinks we propose 3 levels of exploitation: Daily maintenance of ice, equipment maintenance ..., Management of receipts, Entire management with cashing by us. Our management teams are supervised by an internal manager at Evénement Sud, who acts as a manager and a link between us. The number of people needed for management is determined and adapted according to attendance. Depending on the location, the location, the attendance we adapt our methods in order the public is satisfied with the proposed reception.

Reception place

We propose you different possibilities for the reception of the public: The Mountain Chalet : Reception area made of wood in the respect of the tradition used for the till and the distribution of the skates. 2 dimensions: 3 x 2 m and 4 x 2 m. Our cottages can be mated to create larger areas. They are delivered and installed with their electric kit, light and heating.

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